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Nimzo-Indian Defence Blitz 56m 46
Nimzo-Indian Defence SuperBlitz 56m 27
Hourly Bullet 26m 0
Hourly Crazyhouse 26m 0
Keres 1+0 Anti Rated 1h 30m 16
Rinck 4+2 3check Rated 1h 11
Ivanov ½+0 KotH Rated 40m 2
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  1. Lichess users using Fritz JacquesD OK, thank you.
  2. Lichess users using Fritz LarsenB Used to play with it more when i was a kid, where online chess was not…
  3. Slump killerchewy Thanks amazingoid, very helpful. Yeah Im pretty much exclusively play…
  4. Slump NM amazingoid Are you doing anything else chess-related other than play bullet? If n…
  5. Join Atomic Indonesia SatanRogue99 so that the team be strong
  6. Slump killerchewy I'm not entirely sure how to describe this, but I'm going to give this…
  7. Request: Add a Live Chat Windo… ProfessorMoose I think it would be cool and helpful to have a live chat going in a si…
  8. How is this Bronstein's Idea g… LM Lightsss d5 is weak (!) if black releases the tension then white's bishop will…
  9. How is this Bronstein's Idea g… RandomBean Somehow I found A King's Indian Defense book by David Bronstein, one …
  10. Hi, where did I go wrong ? Tangelo777 Why 12. Nb8? It just undevelops a knight and wastes a tempo.
  11. Rules for a draw chess240 Okay, thanks. Somehow missed that.
  12. Hi, where did I go wrong ? LTrain703 Why did you move your knight a5 to c8 to b8? You could have moved it b…
  13. Connection quality Tangelo777 It's much worse during the weekends.
  14. Connection quality stanislaski I am tired of loosing matches because of the bad connection that is go…
  15. Hi, where did I go wrong ? todo_pro Why did you have to play c4? What was your plan for a counter-attack?
  16. I really liked this game, TCEC rajma420 http://en.lichess.org/ggk7kXHa check it out, these are very nice engin…
  17. Hi, where did I go wrong ? Masquerade Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-SRtZzBWRs T…
  18. Why don't people resign? Tangelo777 to #10, this game is my favorite example: http://en.lichess.org/UJjvZ…
  19. This is what I get Masquerade I'm predominately a positional player as well. No one can be a purely …
  20. Board coordinates JuanSnow I was about to post a Feature Request about the same issue after getti…
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