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 Kirby  5+0 Atom Rated 30m  2/4
 Garrett  1+1 Anti Rated 1h 50m  9/4
 Bruce  2+1 Rated 20m  4/4
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  1. best game ever played? Mikhail04 #17 no it isn`t
  2. Crazyhouse Chess Loucyber I would love to play crazyhouse too. It could be used as a test run […]
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  6. 960 Games. motion To add to the Assios comment, to clarify it, I think this rule is com […]
  7. MAD GAME !!! xadrez_pt No, u didn't... ;-) But wht I didn't understand was the all sentence... :-D
  8. Make larger game control butto […] xadrez_pt yeah, krauzand, that will be good... :) :-D
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  14. Adding a comments section to e […] bbyd +1 I myself, am terrible at tactics so having everything that Zwisc […]
  15. Adding a comments section to e […] Kartikay Or even better, the site should stop using randmly generated puzzles. […]
  16. Adding a comments section to e […] Zwisch This is a feature request of mine and I believe this would be a great […]
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  18. hiding information; opponents […] proof_07 and what about cheaters
  19. 960 Games. DanDan2016 I see. I suppose that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification.
  20. 960 Games. LM Assios @DanDan2016: Yes, it does break this rule: "All squares between the ki […]
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