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Hourly SuperBlitz 45m 1
Hourly Blitz 50m 54
Damjanović  1+0 Rated 40m 1
Neumann  1+0 Atom Rated 40m 10
Browne  2+0 Anti Rated 20m 4
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  1. Vadim Shlovikov is the best ch […] BluesOn where is the point?
  2. Awesome position ! BluesOn at your side,a retard would look intelligent.
  3. What do you think about this game?? motion You need to work on tactics man, u have a crushing position there, I […]
  4. Awesome position ! Solal35 best position and centipawn loss forever ;) http://fr.lichess.org/zpPFLkON#0
  5. Chess Variant Suggestion Hellball Very popular variant. It is much better known as 'extinction chess'. […]
  6. Chess Variant Suggestion Nils-Hero 'Family Chess': Rules are like normal chess, except each player needs […]
  7. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] jupeq Just to say that there is a userscript that restored the Topmenu and m […]
  8. Incorrect blunders and mistake […] Solal35 Do you have the link of the game ?
  9. Incorrect blunders and mistake […] casualr I think computer analysis should be equipped with some AI because it i […]
  10. Submission Button for Correspo […] sellaman totally agree..... please add it.
  11. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Solal35 When we are on mobile, the new top menu doesn't work, because when we […]
  12. What do you think about this game?? Panchines Hello. I want to know your opinion about this game (i play with black […]
  13. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Insane_Knight No doubt, it will come back, and much better than it was before.
  14. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] elan-the-bard can we hope the the browse games thing is coming back? this is a nice […]
  15. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] knives It's great change!
  16. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Insane_Knight No, really not at all. There are much more things in main menu, have a […]
  17. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] rise_UIED That's all nice, but now that <esc>-button-menu lost its reason to exi […]
  18. kicked out of game elan-the-bard I see. thanks for the prompt response!
  19. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Insane_Knight Great news. Now Lichess is my favorite site again. Only "games" link […]
  20. kicked out of game thibault I'm moving lichess to new servers, I think it's going relatively well so far.
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